Burnshield MENA

Regional Burnshield office for Middle East and North Africa

Burnshield MENA, Headquartered in Jordan, Is the Official Representation Office for all Burnshield products in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Burnshield emergency burn care products provide for the immediate primary care of burn injuries.

The wide range of Burnshield products consists of : Blankets, Dressings, Hydrogels, Burn Kits, and Contour Body Dressings.

Other products include Mother and Child care lines (Aquashield) in addition to Sun Protection products (Solace)

Covering the following countries:  

For all inquiries, please contact us at:

P.O Box 921545  

Amman 11192 Jordan  

Tel.: +962 (6) 5533006  

Telefax:+962 (6) 5533323

Mobile: +962 (7) 95584899  

Email: info@BurnshieldMENA.com  

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